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Houston Medical HCG Clinic is a collaboration of 2 M.D.'s a Nutritionist, and a Personal Trainer. We have over 20 years of experience with weight management and hormones.

Our weight loss programs utilize customized dietary plans, weight loss medications, hormone therapies, and vitamin supplements prescribed by a physician.

This includes, but is not limited to prescriptions of appetite suppressants, hormone therapies, lipo-tropic injections, vitamin B12 injections, and physician grade nutritional supplements. While not all of these options are suitable for each patient, at our medical weight loss clinic we customize programs with the appropriate care based on each patients medical evaluation.

At Houston Medical HCG Clinic, whichever program you best qualify for, we teach you how to loose the weight and train you to change your lifestyle habits during the diet. You will learn how to loose the weight, and the lifestyle changes that will keep it off for good. Without having to buy special pre-packaged foods, take a thousand supplements, or have to assign points to foods on a system which isn't based on science. Once you learn the skills, if you ever do gain a few lbs back, you won't need us anymore to tell you how to loose it; but we are here if you do need help!

All our programs are tailored to be as unique as each individual.

We Beat All GroupOn / Living Social & Regular Competitor Prices !!

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