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The two articles linked below are devoted to studying the efficacy of phentermine for weight loss. Please refer to these articles for more information.

Weight Reduction and Safety of Short-Term Phentermine Administration

Drugs in the Pipeline for the Obesity Market

Additionally, the following article provided by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, Inc. provides more information about Phentermine:

PubMed Health – Phentermine


Do prescription Appetite Suppressants / weight loss medications really work?

Yes. With a low calorie diet and exercising daily, along with the appetite suppressants, your body fat should decrease significantly in a short time period.

Even modest weight loss can improve your overall health significantly by:

  • Decreasing blood pressure
  • Decreasing lipid levels
  • Decreasing blood glucose levels
  • Increasing insulin sensitivity


Do I qualify for Appetite Suppressants?

The medical weight loss is intended for people who have had a hard time losing weight by only diet and exercise. It is also for people who have certain health issues that affect their weight. It is based on your body mass. Before you are prescribed to the medication, the health professional will go over all side effects and if your on other medication, they will go over any interaction if any.

Some medications that can interact with Appetite Suppressants include but are not limited to certain, anti-psychotics, anti-depressants and amphetamines. Please check with your physician to make sure any medications you are taking do not interact.

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