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As a quick summary, we’ve outlined what normally happens with most “diet’s”.

  1. Anytime you start a new diet, the first 5-10 lbs are easy to drop, then you hit a state of “real” fat loss. At this time it is crucial to continue the program without becoming too excited about the first 5-10lbs (which is normally water weight, and your bodies reaction to the new routine). Some people fail here.
  2. Some patients are able to continue on and lose 20-30lbs, but the trick is adherence to the diet rules. This is where fad diets fail (cabbage, apple cider, even HCG), how do you maintain these diets for life? seriously? The problem is these diets do not address the underlying change that YOU need to make happen. Lifestyle Change! Most people fail at this stage. They go back to an unhealthy diet after losing weight. This also accounts for the rest of the rebound you see with “diets”.

What we do at Houston Medical HCG Clinic, whichever program you best qualify for, we teach you how to lose the weight and train you to change your lifestyle habits during the diet. You will learn how to lose the weight, and the lifestyle changes that will keep it off for good. Without having to buy special pre-packaged foods, take a thousand supplements, or have to assign points to foods on a system which isn’t
based on science. Once you learn the skills, if you ever do gain a few lbs back, you won’t need us anymore to tell you how to lose it; but we are here if you do need help!


What are all those other diets doing?

They are keeping you on a life-long diet, without teaching you the real BASIC science of weight management.

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